How to find your SOLEmate

From walking around all day in sandals that offer minimal support to squeezing your toes into pointy heels, your feet can handle a lot. Taking shoes for granted is a bad idea. Aside from adding oomph to your outfit, the right footwear also stabilizes ankles, protects soles, and improves posture.

It is everyone’s wish to find stylish and comfortable shoes that fit like a dream, but finding one is not easy. Letting go of some pairs that you love so much even if they feel a bit wrong is hard. We say stop sacrificing your feet. Our San Marino collection offers the perfect mix of style, elegance, and comfort.

How to find your SOLEmate | Shola Designs

San Marino Collection

To help you in your search for shoes you could call your solemate, we have made a shoe shopping checklist.

  • Think about your intended use for the shoes. Will you be dancing, running, or hiking with them? Different surfaces require a different kind of shoe.
  • Stand when measuring your feet. Your feet will spread out even more.
  • Shoe shop later in the day. This will ensure your footwear fits correctly even if your feet have become more swollen.
  • Select a shoe that is shaped like your foot. Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  • To find shoes that truly fit, try them on. Do not rely on the shoe chart alone. Walk with both shoes on. Make sure they fit and feel right.

How to find your SOLEmate | Shola Designs


  • Try on shoes wearing the kind of socks or hosiery you will usually wear with the shoes.
  • Leave an allowance of about half an inch between the end of your longest toe and the end of the front of the shoe. The toes need room to move.
  • If you have wide or narrow feet, look for shoe brands that cater to your needs. No matter how tempting, do not buy regular sized shoes. They’re just not meant for you (sorry).
  • Buy shoes with soles that provide solid footing. Your heels should fit comfortably in your shoes with minimal slippage.
  • Ask if a style comes in a different color, material, or heel height. It is always rewarding to find a shoe that matches your personality and fashion style.
  • Don’t buy shoes with very thin soles. They can easily be puncture and do not protect your feet from hot pavement or cold weather.
  • Don’t wear the same shoes forever. At some point, you have to replace them. If you really love them, check if the brand still carries that style.
  • Don’t settle for sore feet. Foot pain is not normal.
  • If buying shoes online, check out the size chart first (See Shola Designs size chart here). Be sure to try on shoes when you receive them and don’t be afraid to return them if they don’t fit well. Be cautious when trying them on though. Shoe brands will not accept returned shoes that are damaged because of wear and tear.
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