Shoe Dictionary: Flats

Every fashion girl knows that her shoe collection is incomplete without a pair or two of flat shoes. More often than not, wearing flats is the go to option. We hope our handy guide below will help you become familiar with some of the most popular flat shoes out there.

Shoe Dictionary: Flats | Shola Designs

Ballet Flats
Patterned after ballet shoes, ballet flats are lightweight doll shoes with flexible and thin soles. They are versatile and can be for everyday wear. These shoes are a fashion staple. They look chic with jeans, shorts, and casual dresses. They can also be worn for work. Check your office rules first.

D’Orsay Flats
These flat shoes has the inside, or both sides, cut out, revealing the arch of the foot. D’Orsay flats offer an elegant twist on a flat shoe. Think of it as a crossover between a sandal and a ballet flat. Wear them with cropped pants or rolled up jeans to reveal the sexy cutouts.

Mary Jane Flats
These are low-cut shoes with a buckle strap across the inset. To avoid looking like a little girl, make sure you pair Mary Jane flats with a sophisticated outfit. Some women also choose to wear pointed toes as opposed to rounded toes.
These are flat shoes with closed lacing. Historically, Oxfords were plain, formal shoes for men and made of leather. Today, women also wear them for formal and casual occasions.

These are heavy, Oxford-style shoes featuring pinked and perforated detailing. Brogues add a classic appeal to your look.

These are shoes that are fastened by buckled straps instead of laces to close them. They are comfortable and elegant shoes made of leather. We recommend buying monks that that exude vintage a vibe and style them with feminine clothing pieces.

These are generally low-cut shoes without any laces. They are the kind of footwear that slips on the foot with no other adjustments.

These shoes are made out of soft leather and with visible stitching. They were originally worn by Native Americans.

These are low cut rubber step-in shoes that resemble moccasins, only the former have broad low heels. Loafers have a casual appeal. They are the quintessential run-around shoes next to ballet flats.

These shoes have rubber soles that provide maximum grip on wet floors making them perfect for sailors. Docksides are also known as boat shoes. You can wear with or without socks. Wear them with mini skirts or jeans.

Flat Boots
Flat boots are perfect for rainy and cold days as they protect the foot and legs from water, extreme cold, mud or hazards. They are traditionally made of rubber or leather. Flat boots can be worn over jeans and leggings. You could also pair it with a bohemian dress.

Sneakers are athletic shoes that are originally made for sports but are now accepted for casual, day-to-day activities and sometimes even for work wear. They keep your feet relaxed without compromising on the style factor. Sneakers are the perfect weekend shoe. We love pairing them with casual dresses. Many brides now also march down the aisle wearing these.

These sandals are open-toed with multiple straps made to resemble that of a Roman soldier’s footwear. They are very easy to wear. We love pairing knee-high gladiators with mini shorts.

These are a type of footwear where the shoe is held to the foot by strips of leather or fabric. They are the ubiquitous summer shoes that look great with anything.

Flip Flops
These are light sandals made with out of rubber or plastic.

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