Types of fashion girls who travel

To travel is to find bliss. The world has so much to offer and it is waiting for us to explore its beauty and unveil its mysteries. Ahead are six types of fashion girls who travel. Surely, you can relate to one or two of them. Find out which one you are!

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The Obsessive Organizer
She started preparing for a travel getaway way sooner than most. She has planned the itinerary and has printed at least two copies of every important (and probably some not that important) documents. Her clothes are organized by day and by activity. Vacations, for her, are short and she sees preparation as part of the fun.

The Carry-on Connoisseur
She is the practical packer. She doesn’t ever over pack. She is the type of traveler most of us aspire to become. She has mastered the art of and science of travelling light. We envy her for knowing how to edit the contents of her purse to fit a small, stylish crossbody bag. The clothes that she packs are mostly wrinkle free as she believes ironing is not part of travel activities. She knows how to make the most of a small amount of versatile clothing.

The Over Packer
She is the type of fashion girl who prefers to have options on vacation. Her mind is chock full of hypothetical scenarios that lead to an entire closet’s worth of items taking up residence in a suitcase. She wants all the comforts of home at her disposal. She thinks she has weeded out every possible unnecessary item in her bags but she still ends up carrying the heaviest luggage among her travel companions.

The Girl Scout
A.k.a the carry-all traveler. This type takes its name from the bag. Need a lip balm, hand sanitizer, band aid, acetaminophen, loperamide, safety pin, or a power bank? She has them all in her bag. She expects the unexpected when travelling and makes sure she is well prepared.

The OOTD Queen
If ever you feel like you’ve been spending too much time on a specific location chances are it is because of her. She has prepared a well curated shot list and her outfits have been carefully planned. She does not leave the place unless she deems that the photos are Instagram-worthy. (See How To Get Non-Photographer Friends to Shoot Your OOTDs).

The Picky Dame
She is not afraid to speak her mind in the name of comfort and traveling in style. She has written down what she wants as a request in her hotel, airline, transfers, and tour bookings. A service gone wrong, no matter how small, is a big deal to her. While this could drive you to frustration, you’ll thank her later for giving your trip little touches of perfection.

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