7 Key Accessories You Need This Spring

Spring is in full swing and we are marveling at the explosion of colors all around.

In the world of fashion, this season means bidding goodbye to heavy and dark colors and swapping them for soft pastels and bold prints. Boots have to go the moment spring hits its stride. Show some skin by wearing those sexy and versatile open-toed footwear (See Fashion Rules for Peep Toe Shoes). Let your feet see the light of day.

7 Key Accessories You Need This Spring | Shola Designs

Accessories are no exception. A simple outfit addition adds major impact to your overall look. Fashion girls love playing with various colors, textures, and shapes. The hunt for the perfect spring accessories can be overwhelming. Here are 7 must-have pieces for spring.

7 Key Accessories You Need This Spring | Shola Designs

A pair of sunglasses is something you should be carrying in your bag all year-round, especially so in spring and summer. This key piece is not just for fashion; it also protects your eyes from UV rays, glare, and debris. Revamp your sunglasses collection and go for tinted lenses, geometric shapes or bold patterns. Remember that life is a spectacle.

Silk Scarf
It instantly adds a touch of effortless spring flair to your look. Silk scarf is a nifty accessory. Wear it around your neck, in your hair, on your bag or around your wrist. You can also use it as a belt. Experiment and you will surely discover the sartorial power of the silk scarf.

Crossbody Bag
A crossbody bag is a key staple. Many fashion girls regard it as one of their favorite spring (and travel) essential. It is especially great when you just need to carry your necessities such as your phone, wallet, and lipstick. Take it with you for strolling, brunching, and shopping.

Statement Necklace
It is time to swap that thick scarf to a necklace now that the weather is getting warmer. Aside from drawing attention to your décolletage, a statement necklace also adds sass and glamour to your spring style.

Statement Earrings
Attention-grabbing earrings are perfect for spring. You can easily throw them on with distressed jeans or a basic LBD. They play well with both up and down hair dos. If you put your hair up, statement earrings serve as a key styling point. With hair down, they provide a striking peek out from under your hair.

Floppy Hat
Not sure how to rock a floppy hat? Pair it with high-waist skinny jeans and a crop top or dress up your cutoff shorts. It is also the perfect outfit completer for your favorite spring dress.
Packing Tip: When travelling, pack it with socks, pajamas, or other clothes and surround it with clothing to help keep its shape.

The corset is touted to be Spring 2017’s biggest accessory trend. Thankfully, it has been liberated from its lingerie connotations. The corset of today is all about the ultimate in layering.  Almost every Instababe out there has been spotted wearing one. Layer it over a shirt, a classic jacket, jumpsuit or a dress. Not yet ready to try a corset? A wide belt also serves the same purpose.

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