Fashion rules for peep-toe shoes

Slipping on a pair of peep-toe shoes is sexy and liberating. They are a little more revealing than closed shoes.

Peep-toe shoes come in high heels, kitten heels, booties, and flats. Some are intended for casual wear, some for more formal occasions. We love peep-toes for their versatility, sophistication, and a little flirty vibe.

We have rounded up some fashion rules for wearing them. As with other styles in fashion, the elegance is in the execution.

1) Your toes should look their prettiest.
Get a pedicure. It does wonders for your feet. A nice nail lacquer ups the glam factor and adds a sexier look to your favorite peep-toe shoes or open-toe strappy sandals.

Make sure your feet are in good condition. Keep them covered if you have blisters or cuts and wait until they have healed completely. 

2) Keep your legs moisturized.
Peep-toe shoes make your legs look longer and leaner. It is imperative, then, to give them a whole lot of TLC. Moisturize to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

Fashion rules for peep-toe shoes | Shola Designs

FARRAH in blue

3) Wear them with anything you want.
There is really no rule that dictates what you can and cannot wear with peep-toe shoes. They are very versatile. These sexy shoes dress up even the most basic pants and jeans. They turn everyday dresses into instant evening attire. You can wear them at a wedding or cocktail party. Pairing peep-toes with shorts or romper also cranks up the look.

Fashion rules for peep-toe shoes | Shola Designs

MAYRA in white


Fashion rules for peep-toe shoes | Shola Designs

LACEY in pink

4) Check your company’s dress code.
Want to wear those fabulous shoes to the office? Check your company’s dress code first. It is best to stick with neutral colors such as black and tan to maintain a sleek and professional look. If your office attire calls for an all-black outfit, keep it classy by slipping into a pair of metallic gold peep-toes.

Fashion rules for peep-toe shoes | Shola Designs

MELISSA in gold

5) Pair them with tights or socks.
You read it right. Pairing peep-toe shoes with tights or socks is no longer a fashion faux pas. Many fashion editors from all over the world have given the thumbs up to this trend.

Wear them with tights under a skirt or a dress. Tights that match your shoe color work best. Just make sure the hosiery is free of unsightly seams and reinforcements across your toes and heels.

Wear them with socks that come in a pretty hue. It is fashionable as long as you are doing it deliberately. Any kind of nude or skin tone hosiery is strictly off-limits.

6) Check temperatures.
Fashion rules are more lenient these days. It is no longer taboo to wear peep-toe shoes during cooler months. Have you noticed that peep-toe booties are lining up the shelves of shoe stores? They are totally appropriate for Fall.

Wear peep-toe shoes whenever you feel comfortable wearing them. However, we do recommend exercising restraint and putting them away during snow or heavy rain. Frostbite is far from flattering.

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