How To Toughen Up Florals

Floral-print-everything is in abundance. Florals are an obvious choice during spring and summer but they are also loved during colder months. The truth is this print trend has been in full bloom for as long as we can remember.

Many have no qualms about embracing their inner lady and view florals as instant pick-me-up. Some people, however, find the print to be too sweet, too delicate, and hard to pair with edgy pieces. Do not let those reasons stop you from buying that statement making dress or that scene stealing shoes. One thing we are sure about is that the floral trend will never go out of fashion.

We’ll show you how to toughen up floral shoes and give them an edgy feel. Be sure to take down notes.

Military Jackets and Vests
Military-inspired pieces have been influencing fashion since the ‘60s. They come in green, navy, and maroon color palette. We think military jackets and vests are the perfect solution to toughen up a floral look. Take this utilitarian style to new levels of chic by pairing it with floral sandals and soft clothing pieces.

How To Toughen Up Florals | Shola Designs


Leather Jackets
Leather jackets, whether real or faux, bring a touch of masculinity to any outfit. They provide a nice contrast to floral dresses or tops. Play down the print sweetness and give that girl-next-door look a much needed dose of edge with a tough, leather piece. Opt for one that fits your body well.

How To Toughen Up Florals | Shola Designs


Denim Jackets
We love this incredibly versatile wardrobe staple. A good quality denim jacket goes with everything and adds a bit of an edge and vintage grunge vibe to any outfit. Pair it with accessories with fringe, zip or grommet details for added street cred.

How To Toughen Up Florals | Shola Designs

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