Metallic is the new black

shola designs womens shoes mayra melissa wedge heelsIn a fashion world that has long regarded black as the most loved of all colors, metallic hues have become the hottest and most popular alternative choices of today.

The metallic trend is everywhere – from clothes, gadgets, eye makeup, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, nail polish, and home decors. It seems that everyone wants to get hold of the shimmery, sugary, and luxurious shades. Fearless forecast: Metallic shoes will become a staple in your shoe collection.

Mayra metallic wedge heelsMAYRA metallic wedge heels in gold

Our latest offering, the San Marino Collection, is an ode to this trend. Metallic shoes add just the right amount of glitter and sparkle to your look. We love them for their fashionable and enduring appeal. Think luxurious but understated elegance. Take a look at how the sleek and luminous hues lent their whimsical brand of shimmer to our designs.

shola designs metallic heels wedges

If you are aiming for a warm, celestial glow then gold heels is the best choice. The color also signifies power and prestige – perfect for those who act like a lady boss. But if the allure of gold is too much to handle, silver is a great option. This shade looks better on women who have cool skin undertones.

Melissa metallic heels in red chromeMELISSA metallic wedge heels in red

Bolder metallic hues like blue and red have strong attention-getting factors. Blue is typically seen as a safe color. The shimmer that comes with metallic blue is an added touch of elegance. If you want to certainly get noticed, opt for metallic red instead. Nothing holds people’s attention like this color. Pia Wurtzbach, the reigning Miss Universe, agrees by saying bold, red shoes are good statement pieces for any outfit. Some of the world’s iconic shoes also come in red shades.

Mayra metallic wedge heels
ANDRA metallic heels in pink

Metallic pink, a more subdued hue, offers a balance of youthful innocence and sexiness. Shoes in this hue help tone down a loud outfit choice. Some women shy away from pink if they want a more mature yet still fun style. Our recommendation? Metallic purple. It oozes elegance, sophistication, and a bit of drama.

Mayra metallic wedge heels
ANDRA metallic heels in purple

Whatever hue you choose to wear, metallic certainly adds glamour and a shining touch to your outfit. Metallic is certainly taking the fashion center stage. The trend is here to stay and might just be a classic look. Grab a pair or more in your favorite metallic colors and get ready to receive compliments wherever you go.

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